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Reaper Bones Next

All discussions regarding Board, Card, and RPG Gaming, including industry discussion, that don't belong in one of the other gaming forums.

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Re: Reaper Bones Next

Post by Smoove_B »

Link for those that are gluttons for punishment.

Core (base) pledge is $120, April 2021 delivery expected.
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Re: Reaper Bones Next

Post by hepcat »

Alright Zarathud. Same deal as every Bones kickstarter? You buy the core, I leach off your pledge to get some terrain and stuff? This year, I may even grab some characters so I can play some of these solo miniature games I've been collecting. In return, I promise not to tell the cops what you did.
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Re: Reaper Bones Next

Post by Blackhawk »

I did the same thing I did before: I jumped in early for Wave 1. I have some friends who usually add to my pledge, and they usually grab a core set. If they do, I will just get whatever I can afford - some addons, whatever. If they don't this time, I may end up canceling at the last minute and pledging for a buck. I can't really afford theh $120 right now, and Reper kinda pissed me off with Bones 4. Surly staff being dicks, poor communication, and changing the scale of a few pieces that made them unusable for me.

We'll see.
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Re: Reaper Bones Next

Post by Zarathud »

I'm in $198 for the base set, dungeon dwellers (plague doctors!), dragonfolk, and paints. Arrangements for more could be made..

I wish I had the plague doctors from the dungeon dwellers right now.
I could use some dragonfolk characters.
The $18 for 12 paints are a great deal.
I'm debating picking up the mouslings only because I have the others.

I have only painted about 30 figures from Bones 3, but I'll have over a year to keep practicing.
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