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New *official* Server info thread. Now with 100% more TS2!

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New *official* Server info thread. Now with 100% more TS2!

Post by CharlieDelta » Wed Oct 13, 2004 9:36 pm

Zaxxon's UT2K4 server

Server Info:
Main Server
Port: 7777
Password: gonegold
Bandwidth available: 6mbps/384kbps
Max Players: 8
Allocated bandwidth/player: 4500Bps
Gametype: Anything Goes

Secondary Server
IP: Same
Port: 7888
Password: ggseason
Max Players: Varies
Gametype: Varies; Generally 1v1 or 2v2

Statistical Analysis, Match Demo Downloads, Game Guide, & More:
Zaxxon's UT Site

Recommended Downloads:
Not strictly required, but you could find yourself missing matches if you don't get this stuff before playing...

Official UT2K4 Version 3323 Patch

UT2K4-Editors Choice Bonus Pack
Community Bonus Pack 2
Flag Pack 2004
UT 2004 WinXP Levels
DM-campgrounds2004 ONS-Nevermore
DM-1on1 Map Pack
Domination Map Packs


The OO TS2 Server special thanks to Rip and SirReal

Posted by SirReal:
Rip, our gracious host of OO, has allowed me to set up a TeamSpeak 2 server on the main server.

The server will be in Clan mode, and you will need an account to connect to it. I'll add the account by hand as they're needed. PM me or CharlieDelta. If you have a specific password you want to use, include it, or we will assign a random one.

* Send me or CharlieDelta a PM with Teamspeak in the subject and your preferred password in the text. Allow for up to 24h until we get around to adding you.
* Download the latest Teamspeak 2 client from" target="_blank.
* Make sure to calibrate your headset so that you're not transmitting even when breathing directly into the microphone, or better yet, use Push-To-Talk.
* Point it at and be sure to enter your login name and password.