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Demon's Souls

If it's a video game it goes here.

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Re: Demon's Souls

Post by Koz »

Carpet_pissr wrote:As if in response to the reviving of this thread, Demon's Souls (PS3) with accompanying soundtrack CD (?!) is $15 on Amazon.
I think it's always had that soundtrack CD. I know I got it when I bought it close to release.
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Re: Demon's Souls

Post by Octavious »

I loaded it up the other day and invaded a few games. :twisted: Lost my first fight and won the second one. Using the scraping spear is probably unsporting of me, but hey you do what you got to do..
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Re: Demon's Souls

Post by hitbyambulance »

resurrect this thread for PS5?

Sony says a PC port 'will not be available', but it is possible to run the original PS3 version on computer with the RPCS3 emu ... en-better/
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