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[Squenix] The Avengers Project

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Re: [Squenix] The Avengers Project

Post by coopasonic »

New characters and costumes released over time. GaaS basically tells you that it isn't a play it for 40 hours and be done kind of experience.
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Re: [Squenix] The Avengers Project

Post by Harkonis »

They don't make the whole game free like Fortnite because there is a complete campaign here with full voice acting and scripting. That's what you pay up front for. Then it's games as a service because they are adding characters and more campaign each month or so which is paid for by the people buying cosmetics. I'm not sure why the uproar or how so many people aren't seeing how it's a hybrid and why it is still a full game as is. I'm having a blast when not hit by actual bugs and such but the underlying game as well as the future they have laid out seems quite good.
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Re: [Squenix] The Avengers Project

Post by gbasden »

I'm about 10 hours in and I have no feelings of being pressured to do anything. I guess there are ways to pay money to buy different skins for the characters, but I haven't paid that any attention, nor will I. I'm just pushing through the campaign and enjoying it a lot.

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Re: [Squenix] The Avengers Project

Post by Victoria Raverna »

Is it kinda like Hitman with the season format with episodes and limited time events?

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