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RetroAhoy: The Secret Of Monkey Island

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RetroAhoy: The Secret Of Monkey Island

Post by Brian »

I couldn't decide where to put this; YouTube Thread? PC Gaming Randomness?, I dunno so I figured it probably deserved its own thread.

Stuart Brown, who runs the outstanding YouTube Channel Ahoy, has put together an outstanding look at the history and significance of the Monkey Island games in particular along with a broader look at the evolution of adventure games for the PC.

There is a lot of history here that Stuart does a great job of highlighting and exploring. I highly recommend going back and watching his other videos on gaming history along with his weapons in gaming series that delve into the specifics and history of popular gaming weapons.

This is a long video but well worth the watch.
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Re: RetroAhoy: The Secret Of Monkey Island

Post by xwraith »

Thirty years ago today the gold masters went out for Monkey Island:
I forgot to call it "a box of pure malevolent evil, a purveyor of
insidious insanity, an eldritch manifestation that would make Bill
Gates let out a low whistle of admiration," but it's all those, too.
-- David Gerard, Re: [Mediawiki-l] Wikitext grammar, 2010.08.06

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