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Post by Unagi »

Remember that online program called Falling Sands, I think?

Enlarge Image

Eventually others made more advanced versions of this - like the app: Powder Toy ... dertoy.tpt
Enlarge ImageEnlarge Image

which is still updated and fun to play around with (if you've never seen, check it out).

But now there is Noita
This game (Early Access) is so much fun!!

You are a mage with a wand, and you enter a cave and find more wands and other loot... but you will die soon... and restart...

Enlarge Image Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image

just so much fun... had to share.

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Re: Noita

Post by hitbyambulance »

by far the most hours i've put into a game this year. this meets my picky criteria for staying with a title, as it's very satisfying to play - the sort of game i would have been always been into, had the computing power for these 'physics' been available back then. it's extremely tough and unforgiving, but the 'fun factor' is always there and your skill at actually playing will increase, allowing you to keep alive longer and longer. a big part of the game is to not keep progressing vertically to the next level, but explore horizontally as much as possible, only advancing when your health is really low. i am going to have to read up on alchemy, as it's never explained in the game how to do it. great sound design as well.

still in Early Access and it just received a price increase, but it's continually updated with new content. and the publisher Nolla Games also put out the fantastic Baba is You.
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Re: Noita

Post by Torfish »

I've been playing this for the past few months off and on. The physics with the fire and water is really cool and the explosions are satisfying. I really like a good rogue-like game and this is a good one.

Hope they have a big update when it's released.
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Re: Noita

Post by hitbyambulance »

it's out of early access today. spent my lunch break playing - some things have changed and it's definitely _more_ difficult now.
1.0 Release Notes (Oct 15 2020)

FEATURE: Twitch integration - let stream viewers make your game more chaotic
FEATURE: New progress is displayed at the end of a run
FEATURE: Sim - liquids freeze in cold biomes
FEATURE: Sim - ice and snow melt in hot biomes
FEATURE: Biome modifiers: moist, dark, freezing, hot, conductive, mineable and more..
FEATURE: New contraption in holy mountain
FEATURE: More new stuff in holy mountain
FEATURE: New elements in Nightmare mode
FEATURE: Menus support keyboard input
FEATURE: Rendering - some environments have custom color grading
FEATURE: Rendering - some environments hav underground fog/mist
FEATURE: New perk: Revenge bullets
FEATURE: New perk - Gas fire
FEATURE: New perk - Phasing
FEATURE: New perk: No More Knockback
FEATURE: New perk: Faster levitation
FEATURE: New perk: Peace with Gods
FEATURE: New perk: Kills To Mana
FEATURE: New spell: Cursed Sphere
FEATURE: New spell: Freezing gaze
FEATURE: New spell: Pinpoint of light
FEATURE: New spell: Blood magic
FEATURE: New spell: Octagonal bolt bundle
FEATURE: New spell: Fizzle
FEATURE: New spell: Decelerating shot
FEATURE: New spell: Warp cast
FEATURE: New spell: Laser bounce
FEATURE: New spell: Magic guard
FEATURE: New spell: Big magic guard
FEATURE: New spell: Infestation
FEATURE: New spell: Earthquake shot
FEATURE: New spell: Duplicate
FEATURE: New spell: Linear arc
FEATURE: New spell: Oil rain
FEATURE: New spell: Bubbly Bounce
FEATURE: More than 30 new secret spells
FEATURE: 4 new enemies added
FEATURE: New enemy: ???
FEATURE: New enemy: Munkki
FEATURE: New enemy: Maadoittajamestari
FEATURE: New enemy: Palauttajamestari
FEATURE: New item: Vuoksikivi
FEATURE: A variety of new items to find in the game world
FEATURE: New prop: Water barrel
FEATURE: New prop: Plasma beam box
FEATURE: New music: Underground Jungle
FEATURE: New music: Vault
FEATURE: New music: Temple of Art
FEATURE: New music: Kolmisilmä
FEATURE: New music: Credits
FEATURE: New music: Stevari
FEATURE: New music: Various side biomes
FEATURE: New music: The Work
FEATURE: New music: Snowy Wasteland
FEATURE: New music: The tower
FEATURE: Audio: new material sounds for chains
FEATURE: Audio: new material sounds for wires
FEATURE: Audio: new material sounds for magical materials
FEATURE: Audio: new projectile sounds
FEATURE: Audio: new creature sounds
FEATURE: Audio: new boss sounds
FEATURE: Audio: new explosion sounds
FEATURE: Audio: new ambiences for Underground Jungle, Vault and Temple of Art
FEATURE: Audio: various new sounds
FEATURE: New traps in crypt
FEATURE: New material: Levitation
FEATURE: New material: Hastium
FEATURE: New secret materials and material interactions
FEATURE: Option for reducing cosmetic particle amount, other new options
FEATURE: New achievements
FEATURE: New secrets..

UPDATE: New background in Temple of the Art, Pyramid and Mines
UPDATE: Telekinetic kick animations
UPDATE: Levitation Trail sparks have increased velocity but slow down when penetrating materials
UPDATE: Added variety to projectile explosion VFX
UPDATE: Increased the strength of physical impulses of many projectiles
UPDATE: Mines has new wands, spells and tiles
UPDATE: Starting equipment is randomized
UPDATE: Enhanced Holy Mountain visuals
UPDATE: Adjusted spawn probabilities of several spells
UPDATE: Pentagram / Hexagram mana tweaked
UPDATE: Light modifier's radius increased
UPDATE: New attack for Plasmakukka
UPDATE: Improved UI graphics filtering (pixel-perfect UI rendering)
UPDATE: Health bar displays damage amount
UPDATE: Spell icons are colored according to spell type
UPDATE: Tweaked selected item look in inventory
UPDATE: Wand info boxes display all slots
UPDATE: Mana bar is displayed only if a wand is selected
UPDATE: Overhauled and extended a side biome
UPDATE: Overhauled options menu
UPDATE: Improved adaptive vsync logic
UPDATE: Gamma setting can no longer be used to see in the dark
UPDATE: Overhauled knockback effects
UPDATE: Picking up the nearest item is now prefered
UPDATE: Polished teleport fx
UPDATE: Mountain background fixes
UPDATE: Never Skip Leg Day perk is buffed
UPDATE: Never Skip Leg Day perk affects Telekinetic Kick
UPDATE: Living On The Edge perk effects start when hp is under 25%
UPDATE: Toxic sludge immunity perk now protects you from frozen toxic sludge
UPDATE: Some ragdolls fall down more easily
UPDATE: Jetpack particles indicate remaining jetpack energy
UPDATE: Melee on frozen player doesn't lead to instakill
UPDATE: Glass Cannon is shinier
UPDATE: Liquids can now push characters
UPDATE: UI - bars now shake to indicate when you're out of them
UPDATE: UI - mana drain now has its own icon
UPDATE: UI - displays cast delay as a bar if trying to use wand and there's an ongoing delay
UPDATE: Buffed a secret spell to be worth its salt
UPDATE: AI doesn't attempt to use wands with certain spells
UPDATE: AI throws away wands that have no usable spells
UPDATE: Polished AI wand carrying animations
UPDATE: Various text changes
UPDATE: Spells in the progress menu have a background indicating the spell type
UPDATE: Torch will melt frozen materials around it
UPDATE: Made some wall materials harder
UPDATE: UI - New rising damage numbers
UPDATE: Emerald tablet text appears in a more mysterious way
UPDATE: Optimization - optimized various systems
UPDATE: Optimization - optimized rainforest performance
UPDATE: Optimization - optimized area saving and loading
UPDATE: An arcane action is acknowledged
UPDATE: Game over UI tweaks
UPDATE: Updated some spell icons
UPDATE: Audio - mix tweaks
UPDATE: Audio - rain ambience stereo panning
UPDATE: Audio - added flying sound to Stevari's projectiles
UPDATE: Polished the visuals of various props and background sprites
UPDATE: Enemies have new particle-based laser sights
UPDATE: Menus - scrolling boxes are smoother
UPDATE: Menus - locked game mode description text is washed out
UPDATE: Menus - menu UI animations
UPDATE: Menus - main menu polish
UPDATE: Tweaked emerald tablet text animations
UPDATE: Tweaked some teleport particle effects
UPDATE: Temple and boss music reacts better to various situations

BUGFIX: Revenge Tentacle and Revenge Explosion used to trigger on heal
BUGFIX: Some rainforest enemies didn't drop gold on death
BUGFIX: UI wasn't scaled correctly on some resolutions
BUGFIX: UI bars could sometimes go negative
BUGFIX: The game allowed selecting resolutions where the UI became so small it was illegible
BUGFIX: Display resolution change restore counter went below zero
BUGFIX: Perk list went offscreen when lots of perks had been picked
BUGFIX: Health bar went partially over other UI elements when max hp was high
BUGFIX: When hovering "Mods" in main menu a tooltip about mod incompatibilities was always displayed
BUGFIX: Changes to "Low resolution rendering" option weren't applied correctly until other options were changed
BUGFIX: Dragged spells weren't always rendered at correct depth
BUGFIX: Spell Refresh effects on wand weren't applied until inventory was interacted with
BUGFIX: Character kept momentum after entering a portal, while the target area was loading
BUGFIX: Quiet liquid flow sound could be heard throughout the intro
BUGFIX: Gamepad always overrode mouse input focus when it was enabled
BUGFIX: Crash - shooting wand with fireworks and downwards bolt bundle
BUGFIX: Game should be hitting 60 fps more consistently now
BUGFIX: Hitting Escape at the start made things bug out
BUGFIX: Gold couldn't be picked up near enemies that were alive
BUGFIX: Boss arena bridge didn't always collapse
BUGFIX: Cloud spell spawn positions ignored obstacles
BUGFIX: Teleportitis triggered even though damage was blocked
BUGFIX: HP overflow is handled better
BUGFIX: Money overflow is handled better
BUGFIX: Setting enemies or yourself on fire multiple times didn't work correctly
BUGFIX: Inanimate objects displayed damage numbers
BUGFIX: Fixed some issues in scripts
BUGFIX: Inventory gamepad controls didn't work with some item configurations
BUGFIX: Fixed a crash when loading very old save game
BUGFIX: Homing on Eel didn't work
BUGFIX: Splash sound could be heard when approaching [REDACTED]
BUGFIX: Throwable items had a lifetime of 28 minutes
BUGFIX: Clouds had ridiculous maximum speed
BUGFIX: Progress menu item info boxes weren't sometimes fully visible
BUGFIX: "Press E to pick treasure chest" -> "Press E to open treasure chest"
BUGFIX: Audio - a fungal enemy didn't play sound on all deaths
BUGFIX: Scroll container left side worked as a snap target
BUGFIX: Mouse cursor flickered when starting the game
BUGFIX: Hopefully fixed Hiisi Base turrets being able to shoot backwards
BUGFIX: It was not possible to anger the gods in the holy mountain area of The Laboratory
BUGFIX: Improved note spell code

MODDING: EntityAddComponent2() supports tags via _tags="tag1,tag2"
MODDING: Lua - added StatsGlobalGetValue()
MODDING: Lua - added BiomeMapConvertPixelFromUintToInt()
MODDING: Lua - added BiomeObjectSetValue()
MODDING: Lua - added BiomeVegetationSetValue()
MODDING: Lua - added BiomeMaterialSetValue()
MODDING: Lua - added BiomeMaterialGetValue()
MODDING: Lua - added EntitySetDamageFromMaterial()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityAddRandomStains()
MODDING: Lua - added OnBiomeConfigLoaded hook (Accessible via init.lua. Gives access to biome configs pre world gen.)
MODDING: Lua - added StreamingGetVotingCycleDurationFrames()
MODDING: Lua - added a new Shift+F5 debug menu that can be configured via lua (available in noita_dev.exe)
MODDING: Lua - added GameIsModeFullyDeterministic()
MODDING: Lua - added GameIsInventoryOpen()
MODDING: Lua - added StreamingGetIsConnected()
MODDING: Lua - StreamingGetSettingsGhostsNamedAfterViewers()
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentAddTag()
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentRemoveTag()
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentHasTag()
MODDING: Lua - added StreamingGetRandomViewerName()
MODDING: Lua - added SetWorldSeed()
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