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Star Wars: Squadrons

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Star Wars: Squadrons

Post by Scoop20906 »

Your team needs to keep the fighters off you. Also, I try to come in from the back so I boost past and spin around to hit from the back. Usually target shield generators first.

You can also attack using the cover of the corvette as the SD concentrates on that and you can slip by.

If you ping a target maybe you teammates will cover you?
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Re: Star Wars: Squadrons

Post by wonderpug »

I think the main thing is waiting until your Corvette starts drawing the Star Destroyer’s Fire. Weaving back and forth as you approach helps as well, or approaching from a blind spot like from behind or directly above the bridge. I think you can also blow up turrets so that future attack runs don’t have as much incoming fire.
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Re: Star Wars: Squadrons

Post by naednek »

Just beat it yesterday. I thought it was going to be short, and it was actually perfect for single player. Now to move on to multiplayer. Two matches yesterday, we lost by 2 each time with myself in the top 3.
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Re: Star Wars: Squadrons

Post by stimpy »

Just paid double retail price for a joystick to play this.
I'm actually good with that, as the availability and prices for joysticks are nuts for some reason.
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Re: Star Wars: Squadrons

Post by McNutt »

Were you doing dogfighting?

I have only been playing Empire in multiplayer and I'm loving the emergency power converter system. In case you haven't used it, it's an ability that the Imperial ships have that allows them to instantly move power from their engines to their weapons. On my Logitech 3D Extreme joystick I have to hit the 7 button and also tap my hat to the right. This pulls a bit of overcharge from my engines to the guns. What this means is that I always fly with full power to my engines and just syphon off a bit of overcharge to fill my guns. My ships are always fast and always have guns ready.

Sorry if this is old news to you, but I found it to be a really cool trade off for not having shields.
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