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Tower Unite (from the makers of Gmod Tower)

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Tower Unite (from the makers of Gmod Tower)

Post by Paradroid »

Steam page (I recommend watching the second video for an overview of the game)

I've been in two minds about whether to start spreading the word about this game for a long time. It's one of those games that seems like it will never leave early access. However don't let the early access tag lead you astray - Tower Unite is feature rich and very fun.

Tower Unite is a successor to the popular Gmod Tower and is being developed by the same team, as a standalone game. It's a social game first and foremost; it's absolutely packed with stuff to do, see and play, including the recent major addition of an arcade. You join lobbies (or wander around in a plaza), start games, join games already in play, build your own condo (from a range of styles and sizes), and generally hang around making friends and having fun.

As part of its charm (at least in my opinion), like certain MMOs, Tower Unite seems to attract a rather odd playerbase. I've spent long evenings just hanging around in the arcade or casino having strange, drunken 2am chats with people from all over the world. These are often finished with a round of minigolf or bowling before bed.

Why am I recommending this to OO now?

Despite not being what the developers would call feature-complete, I personally think it's way past the point where you could call it 1.0. There's a huge amount of stuff to do in the game. Here is a far from exhaustive list, just some of my favourite activities:

Arcade (with tickets and prizes and stuff!)
Treasure hunts on the plaza
Trivia quiz

There's so much more to do too. For example you can visit the gameworlds and play all manner of stuff with other people. You can buy any number of condos (some of which are enormous resorts) and furnish them with stuff you buy/win on the plaza and invite friends around. There's laser tag, fairground rides, secrets to find, minigames popping up randomly on the plazas, etc.

Basically it's a massive social experience with a number of different places to visit, with a huge variety of activities to enjoy. It's like going on holiday! It won't be for everyone, but I've been playing regularly since March 2019 and I can't imagine stopping any time soon. It's perfect for either hanging around socialising for 20 minutes or putting more time in and playing a few rounds of bowling, minigolf, or whatever. My gaming group uses it as a sort of "in-between" activity on gaming night.

Oh, I just need to add two more important points. Firstly you pay once for the game, and that's it. All in-game money is earned and there are no microtransactions of any kind. Secondly, the game has excellent Steam Workshop integration - making for some truly strange/impressive sights with regard to player avatars and how some people furnish their condos. :D
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Re: Tower Unite (from the makers of Gmod Tower)

Post by LordMortis »

When people do Twitch Streams or Let's Plays for that, it's going to get really weirdly meta, isn't it? Also can I assume Ready, Player One was an inspiration for this?

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