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[PS5] Final Fantasy XVI

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[PS5] Final Fantasy XVI

Post by Skinypupy »

Further stretching the limits of the word "final", the Final Fantasy XVI announcement trailer dropped today. And...DAMN. :shock: :shock:

I absolutely love the medieval fantasy aesthetic. A little less enthused about it appearing to move in a more of an Dark Souls ARPG direction, but I'll reserve judgement on that.
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Re: [PS5] Final Fantasy XVI

Post by Scraper »

I have to admit FF16 looks awesome. The impression I got was that it wasn't Dark Souls type combat, but combat more like FF7 remake. I hope I'm right about that. But I love the look and the setting for FF16.

Also the fact that it's a PS5 console exclusive is a real kick in the nuts for Xbox. I imagine it's only timed though.

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