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Re: Monopoly

Post by hitbyambulance »

i feel the current 'llama craze' had its seed in the original SimCity in '89 (and then progressing along the rest of the SimCity titles, transferring over to The Sims - probably not a huge jump to bleedover to Fortnite)

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Re: Monopoly

Post by Sudy »

Instead of buying properties like in the classic Monopoly board game, in the Monopoly Unicorn vs. Llamas game teams claim titles for their fuzzy friends such as Most Huggable or Cutest Babies
Monopoly is such a crappy game... the only thing it has going for it is the nostalgia of its traditional theming. Many of these re-themings just don't make sense. If you're not buying properties and upgrading them the concept falls apart. While I do remember being excited by Star Wars Monopoly in the 90s, they actually put a little thought into it. But all of these third party editions... Cat-opoly. Whoville-opoly. Random local City-opoly. Nothing could entice me to sit down and play this game less.
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Re: Monopoly

Post by Rumpy »

I think the strength of localized monopoly boards lie in how varied and interesting the landmarks are. Of course, if a city isn't interesting enough to begin with, well it's all moot.
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Re: Monopoly

Post by Jaymann »

They actually made a Socialist Monopoly. I would consider playing that.

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Re: Monopoly

Post by McNutt »

I also agree that Monopoly is a shit game that doesn't deserve to still be popular. My kids occasionally play, and just like me when I was a kid, they don't actually enjoy the experience.

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Re: Monopoly

Post by Freyland »

Hrothgar wrote:
Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:57 am
How would llamas ever defeat magical, apparently flying, unicorns?
Have you not seen a Llama spit? They and camels are the AA guns of the Animal Legions.
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Re: Monopoly

Post by Jaymon »

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