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How is your career going?

Everything else!

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Re: How is your career going?

Post by YellowKing » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:49 am

In a surprise move, our company did a massive market adjustment for IT. While they had supposedly been working on it for a year or so, many think that a wave of talent defection to other companies helped accelerate it. End result was an average 10% pay bump :shock:

The market is definitely changing. When I first started in this industry in this town, you literally had maybe 1 or 2 options to work IT in a major company. Everything else was mom and pop PC shops. In the past ten years, those options have exploded as banks, call centers, pharmaceutical companies, etc. have moved in. It's forced everyone to up their pay game.

That said, the cost of living/pay ratio in this town is still horribly skewed compared to the rest of the state. You pay a high premium for living at the beach.

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