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[Movie] Wonder Woman 1984

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Re: [Movie] Wonder Woman 1984

Post by JCC »

Fantastic. It's like they read my mind! LOL
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Re: [Movie] Wonder Woman 1984

Post by Blackhawk »

We just finished it. I liked it, but it was far from my favorite DECU film. It had a few issues in my book:

~They brought back Steve Trevor, had a few 'future is cool' scenes, and then did absolutely nothing with him.
~Continuity issues with the first film. Diana's mother was kept in the dark about her being trained until she was older. Where did the Amazon Olympics fit in?
~(Niggle) Max Lord takes control of broadcasts everywhere for his speech, broadcasting his face onto TVs all over. And also on computers not capable of receiving any sort of broadcast, displayed in full color on green monochrome monitors.
But most of all:
~Max Lord just didn't work. I think we were supposed to empathize with him, but it didn't happen. He was just an obnoxious dipshit. And his powers - the entire basis of the movie - were just confusing. The actual threat of what was going on was just out there, and the solution - getting millions of people to give up their fondest wishes - was totally unbelievable.
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Re: [Movie] Wonder Woman 1984

Post by Jaymann »

It's funny to think I know more about the plot of this movie that I'm never going to watch, than many movies I have actually watched.
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