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General Computing Randomness

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Re: General Computing Randomness

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Rumpy wrote:
Mon Jun 01, 2020 3:46 pm
I guess this is one clear advantage of USB!
It was one of the biggest selling points for USB when it was new.
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Re: General Computing Randomness

Post by Rumpy »

That'd certainly make sense, and I guess I'd gotten so used to the plug-n-play nature of usb that it never occurred to me that PS/2 wasn't working the same way.
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Re: General Computing Randomness

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I found my coil of 2 meter "bias lighting" LED strip I bought a long time ago, and I decided to install it behind my twin monitors, but I used poster-mounting double-sided tape bits, not the semi-permanent 3M adhesive baked into the strip as I wasn't very sure about the mounting yet. it helps a bit, just not sure how much yet.
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