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General Computing Randomness

For general computer discussion & help, come here

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Re: General Computing Randomness

Post by jztemple2 »

Random Randomness? Hadn't been following that one.
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Kasey Chang
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Re: General Computing Randomness

Post by Kasey Chang »

A while back, I bought an Acer convertible Chromebook. Not the good one, basically an 11 inch toy for me to play with, figure out what it's about, you know, that sort of thing. But I basically filed it away. I have a desktop and a laptop for other purposes.

Today my dad wanted me to get him something so he can write documents in Chinese. Hmmmmm!!!!!! I have a feeling he wants to write a novel. And I am NOT giving him my 17 inch laptop. And since he doesn't know pinyin, a keyboard wouldn't help. So, I choose you, Convertible Chromebook!

Since he doesn't type, I just folded the screen back and have him use it in tablet mode. And it actually works fine. Chromebook was able to do handwriting, zhuyin, pinyin, AND voice-to-text. And Google Docs works fine for his needs. Obviously, he had to learn how to use Docs, what the + (new) button does, what the checkmark does (save), how to use the IME ...

Last I checked, he has the title, the date and place entered, and the first sentence started. :)

So I guess an old dog (he's born in Year of the Dog, same as me) can learn new tricks. :D
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Re: General Computing Randomness

Post by raydude »

Just bought myself the Roccat Vulcan 121 Mechanical Gaming keyboard. I haven't bought a new gaming keyboard since 2014 and this one was on sale. It's also my first mechanical keyboard. Holy crap, this thing is amazing to type on. I feel the urge to go write a novel or short story or something. Or at the very least play a text adventure :).
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Re: General Computing Randomness

Post by Blackhawk »

Now wait until you've used that for a couple of months and try to use a membrane keyboard again. It's like typing in molasses.
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