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Curved Monitors are for text? And other monitor questions

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Curved Monitors are for text? And other monitor questions

Post by Fitzy »

Short version and questions.

1. Does the curvature of a monitor affect text?
2. Does the curvature of a monitor affect photoshop?
3. Would two dramatically different refresh rate monitors be noticeable? E.g. 144hz and
4. How is text on 4K monitors with not great eyesight?

I’m not in any hurry on this as I’m thinking of updating the monitor with the computer and I suspect spring is the earliest as I’m targeting Zen 2 and maybe even waiting on Navi GPUs. But I’m carefully planning out this entire build since it’s a work/game computer. Though I suppose I lose the tax benefits if it’s a gaming computer too. Oh well.

I am in need of a monitor solution. Currently I am using two 1080p monitors of differing sizes and qualities. It’s annoying, partially due to the difference sizes and partially just arranging them for optimal space.

Ideally I’d like to upgrade to the higher end of quality.

I see three possibilities, however I am hesitating over curviness. While I love gaming and want something that looks nice, my primary usage is text. Writing and research. Secondary is photo manipulation. It seems every gaming monitor is curved. Especially the ultra-widescreens. Now I can see where this would be awesome in gaming, but I’m worried that the curve is going to noticeably harm the text quality. Is this a reasonable worry? Or should I learn to stop worrying and love the bombcurve?

I’m currently flip flopping between:

1. Two 1440p, 27in monitors. Here I’m unsure if I’d be better with two “jack of all trades” monitors or one gaming monitor/research monitor and one text/research monitor. But I’m leaning towards one of each as it provides more flexibility. I’m also leery about two 27” monitors being too big combined, but 24” or less being too small individually. And if they are curved, as so many seem to be, that they’ll be hard to adjust to a useable configuration. Or worse, as most non-gaming monitors are straight, combining that with a curved monitor seems off. With my future planned computer upgrade there would be no issue running the monitors at high quality and high frame rates in games.

2. Ultrawide 32-34” 1440p. This seems like an ideal solution. Room for 3-4 windows easily. The curve would be centered, rather than two curves as above. Downside would be less flexibility, can’t grab two different kinds. From benchmarks I’d have little issue building a reasonable medium-high, high-low end computer that would run games at high frames and quality.

3. One 32”+ 4K monitor. Single monitor, lots of space for windows and applications. My eyesight sucks so I’m a little worried text would be too small unless zoomed, which would kind of defeat the purpose. There’s no way I’m buying a 2080ti so 4K gaming would be sub 60fps at best. I don’t play twitch or action games so might not be a huge issue, but I’d like to be able to game without tweaking settings to get playable frames. 4K monitors don’t seem as curvy, so that might not be an issue right now.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Curved Monitors are for text? And other monitor questions

Post by hitbyambulance »

i use a 4K monitor at work and the OS will scale various UI elements to 150% or whatever. it's not perfect, but it's 'good enough'.

i also have a 4K monitor at home i've had for months waiting to take out of the box - i don't know if i trust it for older games - still using a 19" 2005 4:3 Samsung SyncMaster with VGA connection, lol.

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