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Anybody use a 4k monitor?

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Anybody use a 4k monitor?

Post by Freyland »

I'm trying to determine if it's worth the upgrade to an $1100 ASUS PG27UQ from a 35 inch AOC AGON monitor, which is 120hz and 3640x1440. I'm generally happy with my monitor, and love the real estate. What I'm not happy about is the mildly grainy textures I get playing TW:WH2, the mild aliasing I see when things are moving, and the overt motion blur. I watch videos of people playing games with nearly photo- realistic graphics, and I have never been able to achieve that. My GPU is an RTX 2080ti, so I *should* be able to run things on the new screen, obviously not at 144 fps though!
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Re: Anybody use a 4k monitor?

Post by malchior »

I don't use a 4K monitor. Instead I use the excellent TCL 55P605 tv as my main monitor. It is a great versatile choice with the built-in Roku and refresh rate has not been an issue. Well-optimized games run great but caveat that I am running on a RTX 2080 since that helps alot!

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Victoria Raverna
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Re: Anybody use a 4k monitor?

Post by Victoria Raverna »

I don't use 4k monitor but is considering a cheaper 4k monitor since I think I can use the 4k resolution for non gaming but still play games rendered at 1080p or 1440p then upscale to 4k using nvidia gpu scaling feature that nvidia include in the image sharpening filter if my gpu can't handle 4k gaming.

If you mostly play strategy games, I think 4k monitor is probably a good choice since you also have RTX 2080ti. Most strategy games will play just fine at that resolution with your high end gpu card. If you're in competitive gaming then 4k is probably not suitable but you can still use lower resolution or use gpu upscaling or DLSS to improve fps.

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