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iPhone conundrum

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Kasey Chang
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iPhone conundrum

Post by Kasey Chang »

Got a really weird case here. I'm Android guy and this one is basically just Google and nothing really helpful came up.

Got a friend's iPhone 7... She lost her WeChat. I said just to the SMS verification. Except her phone won't do anything to do with SMS. iMessage works fine. Just not SMS. Tried deleting contact, turn off iMessage in messages, etc. Tried twice "send SMS code to verify"... nothing. Got Verizon on the line, they removed an SMS block (why? She has unlimited text on her plan!) but now, she can send, but not receive. WTF?

Already tried: turn off, wait for 90 seconds, turn back on.

Already tried: reset network connections to factory (i.e. wipe cellular and wifi)

Already tried: cellular data is ON, wifi is ON. (iMessage works)

A few minutes later, someone else did something and she got back into WeChat.

How much you want to bet that her SMS finally started coming in?
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Re: iPhone conundrum

Post by Unagi »

Are you seriously taking bets?

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