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Thinking about getting a wheel controller

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Kasey Chang
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Thinking about getting a wheel controller

Post by Kasey Chang »

I like driving games, but I also don't have room in my budget for $300 or so (which is what G29/G920 goes for nowadays).

I saw someone selling Driving Force GT for $55. It's obviously not dual-motor like the new ones, but it seems to be a VERY good value for $55... I don't need 3 pedals, and it even has a sequential shifter on the right, not just paddles. What do you guys think?
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Re: Thinking about getting a wheel controller

Post by Paradroid »

I did a fair bit of research on this topic earlier this year when I was flirting heavily with Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2. What I found was that when a wheel advertises itself as having force feedback, it could mean either basically a bungee cord inside it, or actual force feedback that responds to the game. Even the least sweaty players insist on the latter, apparently.

I eventually concluded, however, that even the most basic wheel has got to be better than a gamepad. So I almost went for something very similar to what you're looking at. So for what it's worth, my advice is grab it if it's within budget and your only other option is a gamepad.
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