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[video cards] AMD "Big Navi" RDNA 2

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[video cards] AMD "Big Navi" RDNA 2

Post by hitbyambulance » ... m-579-999/

i meant to keep up with the launch announcement, but just remembered now. anyone heard anything about these?
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Re: [video cards] AMD "Big Navi" RDNA 2

Post by Daehawk »

I watched the announcement and a few videos. Seems to be a better card than the 3000 series from Nvidia. ... -wife-died ....Help for me to take care of stuff . Wife died Jan 3 2019 after 31 years. My soulmate.
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Re: [video cards] AMD "Big Navi" RDNA 2

Post by gameoverman »

I remember when the RX 480/GTX 1060 generation cards came out. AMD had 8gb cards, Nvidia had 6gb cards but their tech worked differently so you couldn't really compare them directly based on memory amount. And also some games ran better on AMD, some games ran better on Nvidia. Also, DX12 and Vulcan were new and not really being used yet in games but it looked like when/if DX12 and/or Vulcan became a big deal then AMD would have an advantage.

Here we are in 2020. Looking back, how much of a difference did it make(if you bought one of those cards) or would it have made(if you didn't buy one)? Are you sitting here in 2020 saying "Goddamn I'm glad I went with..."? Or are you already using an even newer card by now?

That's my long winded way of saying I think which is better, an Nvidia 3000 series or AMD 6000 series, probably won't be known until after that question doesn't matter anymore. Things like game support, 4k gaming, ray one knows when this stuff will THE deciding factor or if they will ever be the deciding factor.

My pick would be the card that does what I need it to do right now. I'd worry about later needs when I get there.
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