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Stopping a program from updating automatically

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Stopping a program from updating automatically

Post by Grifman »

Ok, I was in the process of installing a bunch of mods for Skyrim for a new gameplay run and I got a message saying that Nexus Mod Manager needed updating. However, I could not defer this - my only choices were to let NMM update and let it try to reinstall all of my mods or decline and then i would apparently have to reinstall everything from scratch. I used to be able to defer this update but apparently that's not an option any more? This happened to me a while back on FNV and now on Skyrim and each case, the "re-installation" attempt didn't go very well, and I've had to reinstall my mods - so there's another half day I have to spend all over again. How can I stop this from happening again? Is there some way in Windows to tell it not to allow a program to update? Thanks.
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Kasey Chang
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Re: Stopping a program from updating automatically

Post by Kasey Chang »

You may be able to log the DNS and see what domain did they query to get 'latest version' and block it in your firewall. But you can't block everything as that'll stop it from downloading anything. There's also no way to know how it'd react. If it cannot get status from update server, will it conclude that Internet is down and just quit, or will it just pretend there's no update and continue?


Frankly, the only way I've been able to deal with this successfully is to store a "known good" version and overwrite the old one when I detect a problem, and that's only if it didn't screw up the internal DB already. The Kindle for PC app is known to patch itself, and the latest versions use the new Amazon encrypted format that can't be DeDRM'ed yet. I had to keep an old client installer around and reinstall on top of the patched version to get the old one back.
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Re: Stopping a program from updating automatically

Post by Blackhawk »

I'm not sure. Is this the original Nexus Mod Manager or Vortex (which replace NMM?) Unfortunately, results about updating mods have completely poisoned the search results.
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