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Philips Mitsubishi DLP Bulb

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Philips Mitsubishi DLP Bulb

Post by MonkeyFinger » Sat Dec 05, 2015 12:19 pm

I had an aging Mitsubishi 65" DLP TV that I decided to replace the (original 8yo) lamp in as shockingly, it was getting dimmer and dimmer. Bought this genuine Philips replacement and the difference was night and day. Only problem was about two or three weeks later the actual DLP chip starting going bad with mirrors getting stuck and rather than keep fixing things decided to put it out to pasture and get something more better. So now I have a perfectly good DLP bulb with very few hours on it sitting around here and nothing to put it in so wondering if anyone might need one? The link shows the models it is known to work in.

Paid $90, looking for $40. Thanks!

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