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Annual Sega "Make war not love!"

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Annual Sega "Make war not love!"

Post by Zenn7 » Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:25 am

Year 5.

I only joined up last year. Every day from 2/14-2/19, they do something. Last year it was a competitive thing for your team (whichever game you selected).

This year, it's total community play time of the 5 games (tracked through STEAM). If it exceeds 500,000 hours, daily bundle is awarded. It has exceeded the goal the first 2 days so far.

Bundle is 1 game (Viking: Battle for Asgard, Binary Domain for D1/2, today is Alpha Protocol), 1 DLC (TW:WH - The Grim and the Grave, something for Company of Heroes 2 for D1/2 and today's is TW:WH Blood for the blood god), and 1 coupon (75% off DOW2:Retribution, 75% of Endless Legends for D1/2, today's is ES1 collection (not positive, guessing ES1 = Endless Space 1).

You have to sign up and link your steam account, they direct activate keys in your account and send you steam coupons.

PS: I own the first 2 games I have coupons for, so if anyone wants a 75% off DOW2:Retribution or Endless Legends coupon, shout (though I don't have a RSA thing for my account, if you are not already my Steam friend, it'll be a couple weeks til you get it; but they're good til mid-March). Same for today's coupon if it is Endless Space 1.

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