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Looking for $$ partners: GalCivIII, Planetbase, Offworld Trading Company

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Looking for $$ partners: GalCivIII, Planetbase, Offworld Trading Company

Post by Freyland » Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:43 pm


Stardock sent me an email with a 60% off bundle offer. $39.99 for the following 4 games:

Galactic Civilizations III (core edition) ($39.99 normally)
Offworld Trading Company ($19.99 normally)
Planetbase ($19.99 normally)

I would love to get Rimworld at 60% off, but have two of the three other games and have no personal interest in PB.
Looking for someone(s) who would buy the remaining games at 60% off so I can score Rimworld. Looks like we have until August 21st.
**I would be willing to haggle on the GalCivIII price... for $39.99 on Steam you get the base game, Crusades Expansion and some small DLC, whereas this is just the base game**

(60% off means:
GalCivIII $16
Offworld Trading Company $8
Planetbase $8)
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