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EPIC Christmas Sale

The walrus awaits.

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Re: EPIC Christmas Sale

Post by Smoove_B »

I'm pretty jaded, but I have to admit it's rather impressive that in trying to carve out a space, Epic has given away like $1400+ of games (I think I read somewhere) this year. That's...commitment.

I mean...I have 64 games in my Epic library and only one of them is a retail purchase from a 3rd party vendor (The Outer Worlds). Everything else is a freebie. That's nuts.

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Re: EPIC Christmas Sale

Post by Blackhawk »

They certainly came into this with a long-term plan. I have to imagine that they're dropping a fortune in order to get people in the door (exclusives), establish them as customers (the big sales with an extra $10 off of $15+ sales), and build goodwill (freebies.) Either they'll go bankrupt, or they'll establish themselves in a market that has been near monopoly for more than a decade.
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Re: EPIC Christmas Sale

Post by jztemple2 »

I just woke up my computer this morning (by the way, happy new year to everyone!) and I get a pop-up from the Epic Store saying that the sale has been extended for another week on select titles, plus you can earn Epic coupons till 1/7. Sadly, I haven't found anything worth buying, but my $10 coupon is good till May 1st, so I'll wait.
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