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Wyze Smart Home Starter Kit $79

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Wyze Smart Home Starter Kit $79

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Include a Wize Cam with 32GB microSD card for local storage (don't need the cloud!) 1 motion sensor, 2 touch sensors (for doors or windows), 2 smart plugs, three light bulbs, and a sensor bridge to tie them all together to your smart hub (Google or Alexa) all for only $79.

The Camera w/ 32GB storage by itself is worth about $50 alone. And the smart light bulbs? 30+, IMHO. it's not Hue, but it's smart enough. ... s=curation

From what I've seen, you can easily program actions like "turn on light if motion sensor active" or "alert main door opened" and stuff like that. Maybe even "if time = morning and motion in bedroom then turn-on-coffee-maker". :D
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