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Need a laptop, soonish

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Need a laptop, soonish

Post by Blackhawk »

Today has been a tough day. My son, 18, autistic, and likely disabled (we're in the application process) watched his pet, the first pet he's really had, die in front of him unexpectedly.

A few months ago, his laptop (he's the third owner) fell apart - literally - at the hinges. He used it during his personal time for reading, playing emulators, watching YouTube, and so forth. At the time it wasn't an insurmountable problem because he has a lender Chromebook from the school. He couldn't do all of his stuff on it, but he could do enough to keep him occupied. The problem now is that he's graduated as of last week, and the Chromebook has to be returned the day after tomorrow. It was going to be a problem all along, but one we hoped he'd be able to handle.

Autistic people have their 'things' that they center their lives around. He had two: our pet, and time he spends on his laptop. He lives for those two things, and within a 36 hour span he's losing both. It's too much, and I need to do *something.*

I'm hoping someone has a Windows laptop that they'd be willing to sell for less than I'd pay at retail, and that I can pay a little extra to bump up the shipping. It doesn't need to be able to run this weeks most demanding game, but it needs to be stable, reliable, and able to run emulator level stuff and a browser simultaneously without hiccuping.

If I can't find something in the next day or two, I'll just get him something off of Amazon that fits his needs. I want to be able to tell him it is in the works before he has to deal with his first night with none of his passions. He needs something, and he needs some hope. I'm going to spend regardless.
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Re: Need a laptop, soonish

Post by Exodor »

I've got a spare laptop in the garage that I rescued from the recycle pile at my old job. It's an HP ProBook 6570b with an i5-3210M CPU and 8 GB of RAM. Right now it's got a 500 GB HDD in it - if storage is less of a concern than speed I can replace that with a 120 GB SSD (that't the largest I've got available unfortunately).

It's a business class machine and a bit of a bulky, ungainly beast with a 15" screen. I wouldn't want to carry it around but it's stable and should meet his needs.

It's yours if you want it. If you think it will work for you just PM me where to send ti.
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