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Kickstarter: Space Haven [Rimworld-inspired Spaceship Builder/Explorer]

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Kickstarter: Space Haven [Rimworld-inspired Spaceship Builder/Explorer]

Post by Holman »

The Kickstarter is here: Space Haven.

Mechanics and features are ambitious but seem possible. You design and enhance your ship while managing your detailed crew members, and the ship itself meets many different types of encounters, from trade and pirates to Aliens-style boarding actions.
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Kickstarter: Space Haven [Rimworld-inspired Spaceship Builder/Explorer]

Post by Zarathud »

Very temping. This scratches behind my ears and makes me purr like a kitten. But it's a PC game, and that's where I get burned.
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Re: Kickstarter: Space Haven [Rimworld-inspired Spaceship Builder/Explorer]

Post by LordMortis »

Looks like my thing and moreso than the RimWorld I picked up and have been playing for the last couple of weeks. But I'm done with $30 for EA games for the most part. And yet, tempted...

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Re: Kickstarter: Space Haven [Rimworld-inspired Spaceship Builder/Explorer]

Post by wonderpug »

Looks completely up my alley but I also have early access burnout. If it was in danger of not being funded I’d back it, but since it’s already fully funded I’m happy to just wait for full release and reviews.

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Re: Kickstarter: Space Haven [Rimworld-inspired Spaceship Builder/Explorer]

Post by Paingod »

My only experience with this developer is through Battlevoid: Harbinger, a top-down ship combat game. I sunk a good number of hours into it and didn't feel like it was a bad game. No real story, but lots of ships to unlock and weapons to toy with... so I know they know how to make a game. The question is if they can include the kind of depth and development that a game like this needs to not feel massively cookie-cutter and ultimately boring.

Development skills != Depth and Engagement ... so I'm torn.

I'm going to WANT to like this game, but worry that it'll be a shallow blend of two or three genres. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until release to see reviews on that and then decide.
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