Moved linux distros this morning

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Moved linux distros this morning

Post by FishPants »

Centos 8 which we were running was being manhandled by Redhat at the end of the year -- basically moving it to Centos 8 stream which meant that it was their beta release (Stream gets updates as they happen, to test, and then it would be applied down stream to paying redhat customers). That shit doesn't fly, and you know being a guinea pig is going to go bad at some point, so I've moved this box over to Rocky Linux (a fork of Centos and maintained by a team led by the originator of Centos).

It went well it would appear, but report any weird shit here. I'm sure something will pop up that I didn't notice.
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Re: Moved linux distros this morning

Post by Kraken »

I was just thinking that was overdue. :wink:
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Re: Moved linux distros this morning

Post by Sudy »

Toddathan Hurlitz, author of the acclaimed Benobulent Linux: More Than a Philosophy web series, moves his Linux distros semi bi-annually. He's pretty much the reigning expert on this stuff since shut down in 2017. I'm earnestly surprised FishPants acts differently. Must be some kind of legacy SOP.
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