Rush Pinball by Stern

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Rush Pinball by Stern

Post by Hrothgar »

I know there are some Rush fans around here as well as pinball players. Lets see if there's any overlap. Apparently the limited edition sold out within hours due to the demand from private collectors.

Rush Pinball by Stern

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Re: Rush Pinball by Stern

Post by LordMortis »

Premiums looked good enough to me, but I will never be the person who could spend $9000 for a pinball machine, nor the guy who could take care of one.
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Re: Rush Pinball by Stern

Post by gbasden »

I sure as hell want one, but that's a bit beyond my means at the moment.
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Re: Rush Pinball by Stern

Post by hentzau »

I’d buy one in a heartbeat if I had room for it.
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Re: Rush Pinball by Stern

Post by Isgrimnur »

Maybe when I’m no longer housing the MIL.
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Re: Rush Pinball by Stern

Post by Skinypupy »

I'd love a real pinball table at some point. The digital cab we got is fun and is certainly scratching my "pinball on a budget" itch, but nothing beats the real thing.

Although after spending a couple hours at the local Nicklecade last weekend playing their collection of around 100 pinball tables (about half of which were busted in some way), I realized that sometimes doing digital is the best option. The targets always work, the flippers don't lose their strength, the LED's never burn out, the playfield doesn't get out of level, etc., etc.

I did play a ton of the new(ish) Black Knight Sword of Rage table, and absolutely fell in love with it.

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