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Space Station Zero

Post by Smoove_B »

New miniatures-based game just came out, co-authored by Uncle Atom from Tabletop Minions:

It's miniatures agnostic, solo/coop friendly, has a campaign structure and is readily available via PDF or print on Demand from Wargamers Vault. Slight sale now, linked through official site.

I'm sharing because it's (1) cheap, (2) miniatures agnostic and (3) requires very little space (~22"'x30").

I'm still learning more, but it feels like a lite and fast tabletop skirmish game with some basic RPG elements. I think it's very similar to games like Ranges of Shadow Deep (in terms of complexity); not nearly as deep or detailed as 5 Parsecs from Home or even Core Space.

I honestly believe this is going to be the next big area for tabletop gaming because of the ability to use piles of existing stuff (miniatures, dice, terrain) that we all have sitting around.
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