Favorite 3d platformers?

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Favorite 3d platformers?

Post by Pyperkub »

Hi all - I was looking at my Raz figurine from the Psychonauts 2 kickstarter/fig and I was thinking I wouldn't mind finding another fun 3d platformer.

Note, I *hate * 2d sidescrolling platformers (probably because I grew up before Mario became popular, but I didn't like them much as coin-op Arcade games either).

I like interesting places to platform around, I guess in 3rd person so I can see the character and the environments

A couple of my favorites:

American McGee's Alice
Alice - Madness Returns
Psychonauts 2

You can also kind of put the Tomb Raider Games in this category - I tend to like the platforming/puzzle action better than the fights in those games.

What are some of OO's favorite 3d platformers and why?
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