[CMON] DCeased Kickstarter

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[CMON] DCeased Kickstarter

Post by Smoove_B »

I'll give them credit, they know what's going to sell

Maybe next year, maybe no go
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Re: [CMON] DCeased Kickstarter

Post by YellowKing »

If I was going to buy another Zombicide game (which I'm not), it would probably be this one as I'm a bigger DC fan than Marvel fan. But yeah...thanks but no thanks CMON.

That said, I have nothing against Zombicide. It's a simple, fun game system and one of the few board games my son actually enjoys.
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Re: [CMON] DCeased Kickstarter

Post by hepcat »

The wild west version is my only entry in the series and i'm still enjoying it quite a bit. But i would also back this if it wasn't such a money sink, and the issue with shipping that arose in the previous marvel entry wasn't so egregious.
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Re: [CMON] DCeased Kickstarter

Post by Punisher »

Hi. I'm Punisher and I'm a zombicidecoholic...
Yeah, I'm probably in unless I'm just completely strapped for cash when this ends.
My family and I love the various zombicides. We have them all except the western one and Marvel "should" be here in November which I'm looking forward to.
I would have preferred a Star Wars themed one.
This might be the kast one I get though unless they do come oyt with a Star Wars one. "Maybe" if they come out with a Star Trek one.
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