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[Tabletop Wargaming] The Silver Bayonet

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[Tabletop Wargaming] The Silver Bayonet

Post by Smoove_B »

Where are my Napoleonic Gothic Horror fans?

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As the wars of Napoleon ravage Europe, chaos and fear reign and the darkness that once clung to the shadows has been emboldened. Supernatural creatures – vampires, werewolves, ghouls, and worse - take advantage of the havoc, striking out at isolated farms, villages, and even military units.

Riflemen, swordsmen, and engineers fight side-by-side with mystics, occultists, and even those few supernatural creatures that can be controlled or reasoned with enough to make common cause. The game can be played solo, co-operatively, or competitively, with players progressing through a series of interlinked adventures with their soldiers gaining experience and suffering grievous wounds, and their units triumphing… or falling in the face of the shadows.

It is a game of action and adventure, where musket and sabre meet tooth and claw
It's from the creator of Rangers of Shadow Deep (which is still A+ in my book and a must have for solo TT gaming)
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Re: [Tabletop Wargaming] The Silver Bayonet

Post by Holman »

Great premise!
Much prefer my Nazis Nuremberged.
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Re: [Tabletop Wargaming] The Silver Bayonet

Post by malchior »

That sounds awesome indeed.
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