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Let's Play: Battletech via MegaMek (G2)

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Re: Let's Play: Battletech via MegaMek (G2)

Post by TotallyNotEvil »

Right now, Alpha Ranger is me in a Timber Wolf and three NPCs: one in my old, albeit downgraded Griffin (lost the great C-ERPPC for a non-ER IS one, and probably a heatsink to keep all the other gear), a Dervish with DHS (LRM 10 x2, ML x2, SRM2 x2, 8t std armor) and a Quickdraw, also with DHS (LRM 10 x1, ML x4, SRM 4, 11t std armor).

The Griffin is honestly still freaking great, rocking PPC x1, ERML x2, LRM15 x1 (2t), ECM and 10t IS FF. In a way the downgrade to non-ER, while certainly a downgrade, actually has a decent silver lining in that the heat management became better, so that's in a pretty happy spot without us bolting a C-ERLL there.

And a Timber Wolf, of course, needs no introduction.

But the other two are kind of standing out in their meh-ness in such august company, aren't they?

I was daydreaming of revamping Alpha-Ranger into "The Cavalry", with four 70-75t 5/8/5 mechs, but that's a bit far away.

The rub is that the modded Dervish and Quickdraw aren't bad. They are workable, almost good for the Dervish's case, just not great.

So, what would y'all suggest we put in place of those two, if anything? We do have some spare Wolverines, so I was thinking of at least subbing the Quickdraw for one. It's as easy as adding JJs to a 6K while losing 1t of SRM ammo and a pair of heatsinks (while the DHS-ing keeps it at heat neutral, jump included) for a nice loadoud of LL x1, ML x2, SRM 6 x1, SL x1 and 11t of std armor. When FF becomes readily enough available that it's the new standard, FF-ing opens up space for TAG.

But see, it's not that much better than the Quickdraw, it's just more elegant- it gets to use the main gun to supplement the close-range weaponry, and has an actual big gun instead of just an LRM 10, which ain't great at punching holes. But the two extra MLs on the Quickdraw do a lot to keep its close-in damage competitive.

I kind of dislike how much those two, especially the Quickdraw, feel like two Lights welded together. They are plainly unglamorous =P

So, is there anything that could do a significantly better job with about the same tech?

Or, if there isn't anything like that, what could we shuffle around or acquire in the short term that can? When talking XLFE, the heavies are actually the better jumpers of the lot with this 5/8/5 profile.

@edit: Having slept on it, I think I might have lost the sense of scale from all the incredibly lopsided Clan fights we took in Luthien. My expectation became that of taking on equal weight of Clan mechs + shitloads of Elementals, not the usual 3025 tech rabble of the IS :think:
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