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King Arthur: A Knights Tale (Turn Based Tactics)

Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2022 10:38 am
by coopasonic

Blackhawk's recent request for recommendations on turn based tactical games reminded me about this one that came out earlier this year and I hadn't given a try. It's not a good fit for his request as there aren't any guns, but it has been really good so far. I'm only about 5 hours in, but in those few hours there have been a lot of decisions to be made, from equipment to abilities, to castle management, to story choices.

Re: King Arthur: A Knights Tale (Turn Based Tactics)

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2023 10:38 pm
by Jolor
edit = Just realized that I didn't "finish".
I only finished the first iteration of Arthur. Apparently, it's Arthurs all the way down.
I just finished the main story line and did enjoy the turn-based battles, relatively distinct skill tree for each character. After the main story, the game continues with new missions available. I don't have any idea how long this will go on for but, as the main story was relatively short, continuing is welcome (i.e. I'm not burned out and am still enjoying the game). My most skilled character are L6 and I haven't even spent enough skill points to unlock the 3rd tier of skill points. The base rebuilding (of Camelot, of course) also just seems to be getting started.

There is a morality "compass" that unlocks administrative abilities but also opportunities to recruit Arthurian legends to join your round table / adventuring party. The constraint, though, is that heroes are only unlocked on a specific 'morality path', determined by your in-story actions. Not simply 'good/evil' but, instead: Tyrant, Just, Christianity, Old World (paganism, for lack of). So don't expect to be able to have Sir Lancelot and Morgan Le Fay in your party in the same playthrough. I am currently in 'neutral' but trending towards 'Just' so this, too, hints at more gameplay to come.

In-story choices also affect NPC Loyalty. Loyalty, in turn, affects combat bonuses.

Finally and wrt inventory. You don't directly control weapons and armour. Instead, the NPC type determines equipped weapons, armour, and some trinkets. What you do control is the runes equipped to provide bonuses.

That's it for now. Good game so far and am curious if there will be 'hard stop / finished' or if I'll just declare 'done' based on interest.

Purchased during Nov-2022 Steam Autumn Sale.