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OO Boardgamers, what did you play this weekend?

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Re: OO Boardgamers, what did you play this weekend?

Post by baelthazar »

hepcat wrote: Mon Apr 26, 2021 9:51 am I'm looking forward to another game soon. If anyone is interested in playing it on TSS sometime with us, let me know. I'd be happy to teach it.
How long did it last? I am super interested, but find my schedule tends to be kinda kooky.

Grrrr.... this makes me want the game more. Do you feel the solo it worth it? I guess I can look past Neo-conservative BS.
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Re: OO Boardgamers, what did you play this weekend?

Post by hepcat »

Our game lasted about 4 hours. But about 90 minutes of that was spent on rules teaching, then about an hour was spent on referring to/explaining rules and why I did what I did at certain times so that the other player could better understand the nuance of the game. Once you know the rules though, it can move very quickly.

The solo is fantastic as long as you realize it's not there to win itself, it's there to keep YOU from winning. And it does that with a long series of triggers that you check on its turn. If it sees you're ahead in something that could grab you a win, it will do the logical thing to keep you from getting the victory condition. If the deck runs out before you declare victory, it wins. So it's not perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than I expected. It's been doing things like blocking me in the west from a regime change by creating theocracies that decimate the region (I simplify the results, but you get the gist).

If you're ever eager to learn the game, just let me know. I can even just give you a quick overview...which would still probably be a good hour at least. It's a heavy game.
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Re: OO Boardgamers, what did you play this weekend?

Post by Skinypupy »

Today has been the gaming equivalent of sad trombone.

I finally busted out two games from my shelf of shame that I've been meaning to get around to for a while. First up was Paladins of the West Kingdom. I spent about 2.5 hours reading through the manual twice (and still came away completely confused) then watching a playthrough. I got everything set up, and started fumbling my way through a solo game. About midway through (and about the 10th time I had to refer to the rulebook to try and piece together how the fuck the AI works), my brain pretty much said "Yeah...we hate this". Finished the game, packed it up, and back on the shelf it went. Would be surprised if it sees the table again. Seems like one that might be fun if you had someone who could help explain it while you're playing. Trying to figure it all out on your own? Not so much. Doesn't help that neither the theme, the artwork, or the general level of complexity really do much for me.

After that debacle, we broke out Tiny Epic Tactics, which the kids have been bugging me to play for a couple weeks. I picked it up mainly because Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my favorite games, and it compared favorably to that in a few reviews. Our experience in a word...meh. While it does share a few similarities, the overall gameplay isn't particularly compelling and quickly grew dull. While I haven't played it yet, the solo game doesn't seem like it will add much to the proceedings, as it has you shuffling through pre-built "dungeons" while also trying to fight off AI-controlled opponents.
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Re: OO Boardgamers, what did you play this weekend?

Post by Smoove_B »

Skinypupy wrote: Sun May 02, 2021 1:45 pm Seems like one that might be fun if you had someone who could help explain it while you're playing. Trying to figure it all out on your own? Not so much.
This is why I rely on Youtube so much. I can read manuals but I need to see it all in action to make the connections. Its pretty rare for me to just learn a game from reading anymore.

In the before times I would sit down with a buddy and we'd slowly go through everything in person to learn games; we just don't have that luxury anymore (and I don't think we will for a while, regardless of COVID).
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Re: OO Boardgamers, what did you play this weekend?

Post by hentzau »

Blackhawk wrote:I know those would go over big on the Pulp Alley Facebook page.

I just now noticed this cover. Image
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Re: OO Boardgamers, what did you play this weekend?

Post by Fardaza »

After moving across country, being disabled with an auto-immune disease, setting up a new office/gaming area, missing boxes, and other life stuff, I finally broke out Gloomhaven again!

It had been about 8 months, so I spent the better part of 3 hours just reviewing what my group of worthy adventurers had thus far accomplished. I also needed to refamiliarize myself with all the moving parts! I may eventually use Gloomhaven Helper, but I'm still one of those purists that insists on using what the devs game me.

I decided to play scenario #8 Gloomhaven Warehouse. In all my earlier sessions, I soloed 3 characters at the same time. I decided to try only 2 on my first foray back into the depths and really enjoyed it more. Less fiddly. My group of Brute and Tinkerer handily defeated the baddies. Back to town for some R & R.

Several tough sounding scenarios presented themselves, but we decided to tackle #27 Ruinous Rift. Brute and Mindthief tried it. Having never played the Mindthief before, it was tough. First lost scenario in 10 tries. However, the Brute reached his personal goal by
killing a sun demon, the last of 6 demons
He then retired when we got back to town. This unlocked the 4 Triangles character, and we regrouped. I didn't want to attempt this tough scenario with another new character, so I chose to retry it with Cragheart and Tinkerer. What a great battle!! Unfortunately, we lost again. This time it was on the next to last move! :cry:
Hail still had all 6 hit points. A frost demon gated in, walked over a poison trap, lined up a ranged +3 shot (WHAT?), added a +2 frost modifier, and fired. The scenario was to be won or lost on the monster attack deck modifier. (The last demon to act could not possibly attack her.) A +1 card was drawn. One 6-point shot took her down after 9.9 rounds! :grund: Major disappointment. I mean come on, how often does a frost demon draw the ranged attack card, get a +2 modifier from the last round, and get a +1 attack card too!
Major disappointment. Not sure if I'll replay the scenario a 3rd time with a duo or try with a trio or even a quartet. I may also just simply reduce the level and try again with this duo since they were so close. The first attempt with the Brute and Mindthief ended on only turn 7 of 10.

But all in all, it was a fun weekend. Getting to retire my first character and looking through the new one's cards was exciting. Sleeving all the cards took a long time, but I was happy and considered it part of the enjoyment. I'm not the kind of gamer that needs to rush through everything. I like to stop and smell the cardboard. :D
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Re: OO Boardgamers, what did you play this weekend?

Post by coopasonic »

I got to play Flamme Rouge this weekend. It was only my third play and the first with hills. I like the hills. I also totally misplayed the hills. My 11yo lucked into the right strategy (in my oh so very humble opinion) and though I was able to come back, he won by one space. I had a 50% chance of getting the card I needed in the final shuffle and fate was not on my side. I want to play it more with more people but the rest of the family doesn't feel the same.
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Re: OO Boardgamers, what did you play this weekend?

Post by Malificent »

Wife and I just finished our first campaign of Sleeping Gods. It was a blast and we're looking forward to starting another campaign. We're just getting to the point where we:
  • Have a hold of combat. It's taken us a while to get the hang of properly using synergy tokens and figuring out when to focus on breaking damage slots/end of round abilities instead of trying to kill a monster out right.
  • Really grasp the challenge mechanism. It was an adjustment to get comfortable with the idea that sometimes it was okay to suffer the failure mechanism because we'd get the result of the choice anyway. We spent way too much fatigue early on desperately trying to succeed at every roll and ignoring choices we thought we would fail.Balancing out fatigue vs character damage vs status token vs ship damage is a really fun mechanism.
  • Learned how to take notes. We didn't take many at first, then we started taking notes on all keyword locations. Towards the end, we realized we also really needed to mark where we got certain quests so that we could go back and get them again in another campaign if we failed to do them the first time around.
We scored a 95 on our first session - I have no idea whether that's good. I do know I need to find a better way to organize quests - I had a sloppy pile of keywords that I spent more time than probably necessary searching every time we explored.
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Re: OO Boardgamers, what did you play this weekend?

Post by AWS260 »

I had a fun evening with my local game group last night. We played a mini-tournament of Trick Shot, a tactical ice hockey game with some of the most charming miniatures I've ever seen. It's fast and fun, with a lot of push-your-luck dice-rolling.

Then we closed the night with a couple games of Regicide, a short co-op game played with a regular deck of cards. It's really clever: you fight through a pile jacks, queens, and kings, using the other cards as your weapons. Cards inflict damage based on their value, and give another bonus based on suit. Clubs do double damage, spades protect you from taking damage, diamonds let you draw new cards, and hearts shuffle the discard pile back into the draw deck. I'd never heard of the game before, and I was incredibly impressed.
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